SEO tools alone don't build traffic.

seeu is an SEO suite with a tested
Affiliate Marketing strategy.

  • "But other people started years ago" is a myth. I'll show you a site we started 10 months ago that has 1.1 Million Google impressions.
  • Google rewards technical aspects such as speed, indexing, crawlability(1). Our 16+ tools cover everything you need.
  • It's harder than just creating a Wordpress site, but easier than 100 pushups.

Most Common Problems with Ranking on Google

Problem #1

Basically not existing on Google. Maybe only 10 visitors per month.

Problem #2

Information overload about marketing & SEO strategies. You've read everything, but feel like "ok, what now?".

Problem #3

Changing strategy too often. You try something for a little while, don't see results, so change.

Problem #4

Have used SEO tools like Ubersuggest, but don't know how to use. High CPC is good or bad?

Using seeu helps people reach their organic traffic goals knowing other people have done this successfully.

One significant case study was Flippa: the website selling marketplace. It's a goldmine of information in understanding what works and doesn't. It has 1000's of websites that reveal actual traffic, revenue, and owner's marketing strategy. Digging through that for months helped us clarify the evergreen traits of a successful site driving high volume & stable organic traffic. The captions below show traffic for 4 different sites with different proportions of organic sourced traffic. The stability & sustainability of Organic is very clear.

Our observations from Flippa and personal experience...

  1. Single page sites rank very bad.
  2. Largest amount of content isn't always leading either. Google appears to reward volume only until say 30+ pages, then there's no clear advantage beyond that.
  3. Social media advertising is volatile and expensive! Facebook/Google adwords are highly inflated, so expect investing $1000 minimum. Ads might get a 2% conversion rate, which means 1 sale can cost you $60 or more. That's very risky. Who can sleep at night watching $100's disappearing from your FB ad account? Businesses relying on advertising traffic have volatile income which can easily cause loss months.
  4. Direct selling has much higher conversions than indirect selling. By that I mean a page that directly reviews a product vs just having a banner ad.
  5. "Why mine for gold when you can sell shovels?". The winners on the internet are selling tools that people need to succeed. Video editors for youtubers, coaching for startups, templates for ecommerce stores.

1.1 Million organic impressions for ""

This is an affiliate blog about ethical hacking that we started only 10 months ago. It was a case study in applying technical SEO techniques. The traffic has had a few ups and downs whilst testing theories, but overall achieved over 1.1million Organic impressions on Google!

seeu solves SEO with its 16+ tools

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Affiliate Organic Growth [SEO tool suite plus TESTED strategy]

We're 99% certain you’re going to love this product and strategy, and that’s one reason why our return rate is so low. We want to make sure that you’re 100% happy, which is why we always offer a full, no fuss 30 day money back guarantee if it turns out it’s not for you for whatever reason.

It's important to mention that organic traffic growth isnt instant (as seen in graphs above). Google needs to index your content, so the speed of that can't be forced. But it is by the far most valuable type of traffic, so a little patience pays off.


SEMrush does have extra features, but is also $1000 per year. But more importantly, they just information dump you with strategies leaving you almost more confused than when you started.

seeu is relatively new being founded in Jan 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. Customer growth has been steadily increasing.

It's been designed for easy use. It's not critical to use every single tool in the suite, but the strategy provided will emphasise the critical ones.

Years of working in the online business and affiliate marketing fields. And plenty of case studies on multiple people's successes and failings in online businesses. In terms of life experience: I'm a web developer, 7 years digital nomad, and can fly and jump out of light aircraft.